Best Multiplayer Games to Try in College

Video games quickly became one of the most favorite ways of entertainment for many people. Even though many middle-aged people are fond of playing games, youth is the target audience of video game publishers. Studying in college is rather stressful and tedious, so entertainment is one of the best ways to get through this time. Imagine that you’ve come to the dorm room after a long and hard day, started your computer or console, and spent an hour or two playing your favorite game. Playing alone is interesting, but a bit boring.
The same cannot be said of playing with your friends. No matter whether you play together on one console or online, communicating through voice chat. Spending time with friends is a good way to distract yourself from problems and get a rest. We should warn you that video games are rather enthralling, so finish your homework first. If you can’t do it on your own for certain reasons, use academic writing services to order essays and other college assignments online.
Let’s explore the games that are worth your attention:

Dota 2

Even though many gamers consider this game outdated, we think that it’s necessary to include it in our list. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena game, remaining one of the most popular multiplayer games globally. The number of heroes to choose from is huge. If you want to play it well, you should know the skills and abilities of each hero. However, you may not go deeper into details: just play and have fun.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS is the most famous shooter. The first video game was released in 2000, the last — Global Offensive, in 2012. If you want to enjoy all advantages of a classical first-person shooter, download it. CS: GO is available on all the widespread platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. Gather your friends to compete with other players online or have a traditional LAN party.

Mortal Kombat 11

This release is a sequel of an iconic video game. No matter what device you have, you are able to play it. Of course, it’s better to fight against each other using Xbox or PlayStation; however, if you prefer playing games on PC, download and enjoy this game on it. Mortal Kombat 11 lets players use new tricks and moves. If you want to enjoy playing alone, choose the story mode, and find out more about the characters’ lives and stories.


If you ask any avid gamer about the most popular multiplayer online game in 2020, you’ll likely hear this name. Fortnite is an online game with several mode versions released as far back in 2017 but gained the overall popularity not so long ago. Choose survival mode to fight with zombies, battle royale mode to fight with other players and do your best to survive, or free mode to create new worlds and arenas.

GTA Online

If you’re more or less close to the gaming sphere, you’ve certainly played this game. The online version of this game was released in 2013. It became available for all people who’ve bought a GTA V. GTA Online is an open world action-adventure game where you can create a lobby or join the existing one to complete missions or fight other players.